Syndicated Research

MGR Syndicated Research provides comprehensive market insights, assisting business leaders with market strategy and brand positioning. Syndicated research focuses on in-depth intelligence based on a structured and well-defined data requirement that helps you make strategic decisions.

Benefits you could gain:

  • Competitor insight
  • Brand awareness
  • Cost-effective and quick results

When is Syndicated Research Used?

Syndicated research is used during the exploratory research phase, which follows an unstructured format. The data can be used by various retail industry stakeholders such as tech companies or retailers. Some of the everyday use cases for syndicated research reports are:

  • You want to find information about a market, industry or company before planning for a full-scale custom market research.
  • You want to prepare your investor pitch deck, client presentations, and strategic meetings.
  • You have a limited research budget or time for evaluating a new market or target industry.
  • You are a venture capital firm or investor and regularly want to learn about target industry trends, markets, and companies of your interest.

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