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Mike has been giving keynotes extensively around the region about technology and leadership.


Gain unparalleled insights from Mike Ghasemi, a seasoned retail industry futurist with over 25 years of experience. Mike delves into the latest trends in unified commerce, customer experience, and in-store technologies, offering actionable strategies that drive digital transformation and enhance business performance.

Learn to implement cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to create a seamless customer journey. Mike’s keynote will equip you with the knowledge to optimize customer engagement, boost operational efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape. Discover practical steps to achieve a unified, impactful customer experience.

Mike Ghasemi brings his extensive expertise in retail and hospitality to the panel, facilitating dynamic and insightful discussions. As a panel moderator, Mike ensures a seamless flow of conversation, drawing out key perspectives on digital transformation, customer engagement, and industry innovation to provide audiences with deep, actionable insights.

Experience engaging and thought-provoking discussions led by Mike Ghasemi, who masterfully navigates complex topics and encourages diverse viewpoints. Attendees will leave with a richer understanding of industry trends, practical strategies for digital innovation, and a clear roadmap for enhancing customer experience and business growth.

Mike Ghasemi leverages over 25 years of experience in retail and hospitality to deliver transformative workshop experiences. As a workshop facilitator, Mike guides participants through the intricacies of unified commerce, digital leadership, and customer experience, offering practical tools and strategies for driving innovation and achieving business success.

Participants will gain hands-on experience and actionable knowledge to implement cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices. Mike’s workshops provide a collaborative environment to explore real-world challenges, develop strategic solutions, and enhance digital transformation efforts. Participants will leave equipped with the skills and insights needed to create a unified, impactful customer experience.


Gain insights from Mike Ghasemi on cultivating a culture of innovation within your organization. Explore the five discovery skills essential for innovation leadership and learn actionable strategies to foster creativity, drive growth, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Participants will discover practical methods to nurture innovation at all levels of your organization. Mike’s talk will equip you with the tools to inspire your team, implement innovative processes, and achieve breakthrough results. Transform your leadership approach to become a catalyst for change and innovation.

Mike Ghasemi shares his expertise in leading successful digital transformations. Understand the key components of digital leadership, including technology adoption, data-driven decision-making, and digital-first customer strategies, to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively.
Participants will learn how to confidently lead their organization through digital change. Mike’s presentation provides actionable insights on leveraging digital technologies, fostering a digital culture, and driving business growth. Equip yourself with the knowledge to become a visionary digital leader.

Participants explore the principles of creating a seamless and integrated customer experience with Mike Ghasemi. Learn how to unify various touchpoints and channels to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience that drives loyalty and engagement.

Gain actionable strategies to enhance customer interactions across all touchpoints. Mike’s talk will guide you through creating a cohesive customer experience, from initial contact to post-purchase. Discover how to align your organization to deliver a truly unified experience.

Delve into the future of retail with insights from Mike Ghasemi. Explore emerging trends, innovative technologies, and shifting consumer behaviours shaping the retail landscape. Understand how to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving retail environment.

Learn about the latest trends and technologies transforming retail. Mike’s presentation provides practical strategies to stay ahead of the curve, enhance customer engagement, and optimize operations. Prepare your business for the future of retail with actionable insights and foresight.

Mike Ghasemi provides a forward-looking perspective on the hospitality industry. Discover how technology, changing consumer expectations, and innovative practices are reshaping hospitality. Learn how to adapt and excel in this dynamic industry.

Understand the key trends driving the future of hospitality. Mike’s talk offers actionable strategies to improve guest experiences, leverage new technologies, and streamline operations. Equip your organization with the insights needed to thrive in the future hospitality landscape.

Explore the concept of quantum leaps in business with Mike Ghasemi. Learn how to make significant, transformative changes that propel your organization forward. Understand the mindset, strategies, and actions required for exponential growth and innovation.

Discover how to identify and seize opportunities for quantum leaps in your business. Mike’s presentation provides practical guidance on making bold, impactful changes that drive success. Learn how to break through barriers and achieve extraordinary results.

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