Our Customers Expect a Lot from Us and They Should

At MGR, our success relies heavily on the success of our customers. So whether you are a global retail brand distributing products in the region, or a small and medium-size retailer that needs to increase the traffic, our focus is helping you grow your business.

MGR has a long track record of creating value for our customers, applying a breadth of expertise across a wide range of businesses in retail and hospitality. We demonstrate this expertise and commitment through integrated advisory solutions, training and support.

With more than 20 years of business experience and customer success stories, Mike Ghasemi Research has a new way technology should be deployed to transform retail and hospitality companies. MGR provides practical and straightforward consulting and advisory solutions that help companies transition smoothly to an integrated world where applications and information reside anywhere. MGR developed the most comprehensive research, advisory and consulting services to support the growing demand of retail and hospitality businesses across the Asia Pacific.

Today MGR constantly creates innovative solutions that will help you improve customer retention processes efficiency and drive competitive advantage for retail and hospitality companies. At MGR, we use research, insights, and extensive industry knowledge to put technology to work for you. And we believe that ideas thrive best in a culture of teamwork. That is why everyone at every level in every function is encouraged to think boundaryless, express, and share them.