Delivering a Personalized and Unified Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect a personalized unified experience when they are shopping. MGR helps retailers and brands to differentiate their customer experience through personalized approaches in which retailers create unique experiences tailored to individual customers. We offer a wide range of industry consulting services focused on “Unified Experience” enabling you not only to differentiate your brand but also to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. With the expertise necessary to assess the required technology to drive your customer engagement at optimum performance, MGR has extensive knowledge of digital solutions and a practical approach to fit the technology to your business needs.

Leading Customer Experience

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Every leading customer-experience company has motivated employees who embody the customer and brand promise in their interactions with consumers. Leading companies understand that they are in the customer-experience business. They know that how an organization delivers for customers is beginning to be as important as what it delivers.

Industry Challenges:

  • Identify and understand the customer’s shopping journey
  • Define the steps to redesign the customer experience roadmap
  • Growing demand for digital customer service
  • Enabling social commerce for unified customer communication
  • Security and customer data privacy

What We Deliver:

MGR Leading Experience enables retail and hospitality businesses to gain valuable insights that guide your teams to explore solutions that leverage your organisation’s core strengths.

Our Leading Experience sprint helps you identify the right problems to solve and give first hints of possible solutions. It enables you to set a better path to achieving your long-term experience goals. Experience sprint helps you and your team tackle uncertainty and risk in the shortest possible time while maximizing learning for the organization.

What to expect from Experience Design sprints?

Leading experience sprint helps you to focus on the most pressing issues from your customers’ perspective. You begin by defining the right problems, ideating, and then selecting and prototyping to gather validated information for B2B and B2C projects, including insight analysis.

In a nutshell; problems are confronted, weaknesses are pinpointed, and solutions are identified in highly focused professional sessions.

Key Stakeholders

A Leading Experience design sprint involves up to 7 team members from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Broad and diverse participant backgrounds are critical to successful sprints.

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