The Future of Retail Stores

Consumers are looking around for their next “best experience”. The way to achieve this is by creating a seamless shopping journey. Retailers must position themselves as technology companies in the business of retail. They have to leverage on emerging technologies such as AR/VR, IoT and machine learning to deliver a better and more personalized customer experience. Mike will present the store of the future, and how retailers can orchestrate their business to create a frictionless experience for their consumers. He will also touch upon product discovery and conversion, staffing, store design, retail-technology and marketing, demonstrating how each will change dramatically in the months and years ahead.

The 5 Elements of an Ultimate Customer Experience

Brands struggle to meet and/or exceed the expectations of today’s sophisticated customer. It is now widely recognized that brands of the future will compete with customer experience. However, there is still a misconception about what “customer experience” really entails. Mike will talk about what constitutes an ultimate customer experience, and how retailers can create a 1-to-1 intelligent customer journey to deliver connected shopping experiences, secure brand’s places in the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s consumer.

Retailution (Retail Evolution)!

Mike will discuss the three dimension of Retailution, shed light on key trends that are transforming the consumer landscape and how we buy things. He will also talk about the way stores will look the future and how our interaction with them are constantly in flux. Mobile technology, social commerce, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual reality, big data, and a deluge of developing technologies are all conspiring to change how we buy. Let the retailution begin!

Big Data and The Retail Revolution

The volume of data being created each year is increasing. With this immense amount of data, companies have started building up the necessary technology capabilities to gather, analyze and draw conclusions from them. Mike will present how forward-thinking brands are honing their understanding of the data they are collecting, and its potential impact on every aspect of their customer’s experience with their brand.

The Shopping Center Of The Future

The days of ten-year leases, static rosters of mall tenants and percentage-of-sales lease rates will soon be gone. The entire concept of “shopping center” is evolving, and with it the demands on real estate developers and property management as well. Pop-up, virtual, omni-channel, mobile, collective store spaces, and demographics are challenging age-old paradigms around what a mall is, whereit’slocatedandhowit’ssuccessismeasured. Inthis talk, Mike paints a picture of shopping centers of tomorrow, and shares the new perspectives required to succeed in this radically different retail reality.