One Simple Coaching Program for Sustained Growth

MGR Business Coaching program assist and guide the business leaders in running their companies by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Our initial six-week app-guided program boosts each business leader’s Mental Fitness, Self-Command, and Sage Muscles. In addition, we work with leaders to assess their strength on the 4 Pillars required for maximal team performance and wellbeing: Triple Purpose, Earned Trust, Healthy Conflict, and Mutual Accountability.

The objective of Business Coaching is to guide you in defining your business’s vision and how this vision fits into your long-term plans. An objective observer from the outside, MGR Business Coach critically see your company’s internal and external challenges. Through the productive and close-eyed examination provided by the business coach, you can gain a comprehensive picture of the business objectives. MGR Business Coaching program is divided into four stages; Explore, Innovate, Activate and Navigate. We review and determine the company’s short and long-term goals at each stage and help you create and validate new product and service concepts at startup speed.

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New Ideas,
New Innovations,
New Markets.


Explore helps you re-think and discover new ideas driven by the market, technology, or customer behaviour changes. Explore unleashes the power of curiosity and redefine a company’s reason for being beyond what it does, makes, or sells.

MGR Explore coaching program enables business leaders and their teams to discover and validate new ideas. Explore coaching helps you identify new business opportunities or revenue channels by listening to your customers, observing your competitors and analysing industry trends and insights. Explore coaching empowers business leaders with the skills, support and insights necessary to rise above the challenges of scaling your business from average player to industry disruptor. Explore coaching answers the four critical questions before exploring a new product or better experience for a new market:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who is your new target audiences?
  • What timeframe to scale?
  • How will the new opportunity contribute to underlying brand value?

MGR Explore coach clarifies your current business model, product or service offerings and your target audiences. We help you to explore potential expansion areas for the company. You will also review the types of products you offer to your customers and how you could improve upon them to enhance your customers’ experiences. Once you know what success looks like, who your audience is, and the competitive situation, we help you build your go-to-market strategy.

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Prepare Your Business for a
Digital Future.

There are many different reasons why a business should innovate. Innovate prepares your business for the next disruptive thing. It helps the business leaders to design a better experience and deliver what customers will love.

MGR Innovate coaching program gives you a deeper insight into harnessing the power of disruptive technologies by improving operations and increasing business value. Innovate coaching answers the four critical questions before designing a better experience for a digital future:

  • What can be changed or substituted in my product or service to make an innovation?
  • What could be adapted to meet a new need or market?
  • What are new ways to use an existing product or service?
  • What can we remove or simplify in the design or process?

MGR Innovate coach brings deep knowledge and wide-ranging industry experiences to help you innovate like startups. With expertise in strategies from Design Thinking to Experience Design, Lean Startup and business model innovation, we help you validate your innovative concepts to ensure that only the most worthy ones progress.

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Finding a Way to Where
You Want to Be.

Regardless of your current business condition and the position of your business with respect to the market, Navigate helps you figure out where you are and enable you to sort out what truly matters and what doesn’t.

MGR Navigate coaching program helps business leaders to navigate their business condition effectively, simplifying operations for efficiency and figuring out what it will take to grow beyond your current size, structure and market. Navigate coaching guides you through connecting you with your business’s more profound sense of meaning, values, and purpose.

MGR Navigate coach helps you to develop a new mindset and identify your purpose and what problem do you want to take:

  • Why are you in this business?
  • What are your core values?
  • What is your massive transformative purpose?
  • What positive impact do you want to create in your industry?

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Take Decisive and
Laser Focus Action.

Do you want to accomplish your business goals? How about mastering the art of focusing like a laser so you can aim and achieve any target you want in life? Achieving goals require new skills, strategies, and exceptional habits. However, you cannot acquire those skillsets and good practices if you have not mastered the art of maintaining a laser focus.

MGR Activate business coaching program enables business leaders to consistently align their thought patterns, belief systems, emotions, and actions with their goals. Activate coaching helps you eliminate distractions and clarify your business purpose. As you stay focused like a laser, you will begin to attract ideas, connections, strategies, and action steps to accomplish your goals. MGR Activate coach helps you stay focused and increase your barriers to distraction to keep your business on track for success.

  • What are my high impact priorities?
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • What is the action plan to drive growth?

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