Enhance your relationship with your customers and obtain valuable information with market research directed toward them.

Market research is the cornerstone of a company’s efforts to stay competitive and retain customers. If you operate in highly competitive markets, then you are probably pressured by the competition and constantly changing customer’s needs. Your customers can give you credible information about their buying behaviors, their perceptions of you and your competitors and what they find most important. The market research is an excellent resource of which every business can take advantage.

Market research takes many forms, and Mike Ghasemi customizes the offerings to meet your needs. Your goals and objectives drive the type of market research and the methods to be used. Mike Ghasemi will work with you to understand and refine your objectives and devise a research plan that matches these objectives. The unbiased data from the market research will help you to make critical decisions. Whether you are looking to do your market research with customers, prospects or the general public, the thought process is the same, only the execution changes based on the availability of contact information for your target group.

Your customers can give you credible information about their buying behaviors, their perceptions of you and your competitors and what they find most important. The market research is an excellent resource of which every business can take advantage.
If you have an avenue to obtain contact information for potential prospects for your products and services, then this could present another opportunity for market research. Even if you don’t have a list yourself, Mike Ghasemi provide respondents according to your criteria that can give you insight based on your market objective. This is a great way for you to get the information you need for expanding your market reach, measuring the level of your brand awareness or understanding how to expand your customer base.

Mike Ghasemi will provide the critical skills you need and help you launch:

Understand your target market and get better customer insights with our professionally designed go to market strategy.

Mike Ghasemi Research consulting services turn knowledge into action with fact-based insight and recommendations which allow technology vendors to maximize the value of their investments in the marketing and target industry engagement. As an independent voice in the retail and hospitality practice, Mike Ghasemi provides awareness of your company’s solution offering and increases lead generation and sales opportunity for retail vendors. Mike Ghasemi brings together insight, data, practical methodologies and decades of hands-on experience to improve the return on IT investment.

Improve your retail business processes and select and implement the right retail technology to reduce operating cost and stay competitive. 

Mike Ghasemi core competence is in the retail and hospitality technology assessment. With our unmatched knowledge of the worldwide retail and retail IT markets, Mike Ghasemi provides a wide range of advisory services focused on the “mission critical” needs of the retail and hospitality companies. With the skills necessary to assess the required technology to run your business at optimum performance, Mike Ghasemi has extensive knowledge of the digital solutions and a practical approach to fit the technology to your real needs.

The areas we focus on include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
We work with retailers to assess their current state of CRM, to evaluate and eventually select an appropriate CRM solution.
  • Distribution & Logistics (Supply Chain Management)
Our knowledge in supply chain management uniquely positioned us to assist retailers in streamlining their processes, and selecting the right technology to plan and execute supply chain management.
  • Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP)
Mike Ghasemi provides selection and implementation advisory services for ERP solutions.
  • Omnichannel Technology
Omnichannel retailing has effectively made digital commerce an integral part of the retail business. We help you to turn your brick-and-mortar business into a unified e-commerce architecture.
  • Mobile Technologies
'Mobile’ has become a ubiquitous concept in retailing. We work with you to design, select, and implement what continues to be an essential technology in retail and hospitality.
  • In-store Technologies
From POS, to digital signage, to fitting-room magic mirrors, Mike Ghasemi helps retailers of varying size and industry segment to design, select and implement in-store solutions.
  • Digital Transformation Planning
Our experienced ex-CIO advisory team helps you to develop a digital transformation roadmap to implement the right solutions and in the right sequence, and also to keep the rest of the enterprise informed as to where technology investments are going and when.

Position your company as an authority in your industry with professionally crafted and tailor-made content.

Effective contents are known to last longer and work harder compared to any other content that you publish for the target industry that you are selling to. Sharing the right content through the right channel will help boost your credibility and establish you as an authority on your subject. Custom content writing is an ultimate soft sell that can establish your brand as an industry leader and generate quality leads, and compel the readers to provide their contact details if written by the best industry thought leader.
However, contrary to the common perception, a customized content is much more than just a long article and goes further than mere coherent words. In fact, it is an exhaustive report on a subject that is related to a particular product or service, or something of interest to the target audience and should be written in a proper format and an authoritative and industry-related voice.
Engage an expert, and experienced industry thought leader whose work will reflect well on you. Let Mike Ghasemi do the task for you, and our team will ensure that your content is compelling, and educates and motivates the readers to create a positive impact that ultimately generates profits your business.

Mike Ghasemi will provide content writing services:
  • Articles
  • Need high-quality original content that is SEO optimized and verified for originality? Our premium article writing service is here to do just that.
  • Blogs
  • Delight, engage, educate! Ignite encouragement and interaction with our blog post writing service and keep your prospects waiting with bated breath for more.
  • Website Content
  • Give your website a complete makeover with the top-notch content it deserves with our “cut above the rest” website content writing service.
  • Press Releases
  • Press releases are powerhouse marketing tools when rightfully written. Yours will be packed with just the right punch to get you noticed.
  • Social Media Content
  • Clever social media content can fire up your followers into a frenzy. Create popping posts that will skyrocket likes and shares with our social media writing service.
  • Product Reviews
  • Build trust among your target audience with honest and persuasive reviews that will bring your product or service into the forefront of the consumer's mind.
  • White Papers
  • Need an authoritative voice to boost your credibility and reflect expertise? Our exclusive white paper writing service will earn your reader’s trust with the format that is both, educative and persuasive.
  • Customer Case Study Content
  • Engage your customer with the positive and measurable review that will give you a very effective marketing tool to convince the promising customers to buy your products.
  • Infographic Content
  • Depict the true value of your product or service and translate your product features and values with persuasive and professionally designed product descriptions that are engaging and well written.

White Paper Writing Service

Position your company as a thought leader by effectively communicating a business challenge and solutions that is both, educative and persuasive, and will help you to generate more leads. Learn more...

Customer Case Study Service

Engage your customer with the positive and measurable review that will give you a very effective marketing tool to convince the promising customers to buy your products. Learn more...

Infographics Design Service

Represent yourself professionally with a stylish visualization of your products, services, and market data and impress your mainstream target audience. Learn more...